Marketing Companies


By registering on our site, you may receive live telephone calls from one or more of the callers listed below at the number you provided. Whether or not you receive any calls may depend on your answers to the survey questions that follow our registration page. You expressly waive all federal and state no-call restrictions with respect to such contact. You may opt out of receiving calls at any time by following the instructions provided by the caller or asking the caller to place you on its do-not-call list.


1) Magazines: Countrywide Periodicals, Central Publications Services, Viking Magazine, National Readers of North America, or Time 2 Read, Inc. may place a live call to you to promote magazine subscriptions.


2) Lifestyle: Caribbean Cruise Line ("CRC")may place a live or pre-recorded call to you offering discounted cruise and travel opportunities.


3) Shopping: Waka Network may place a live or pre-recorded call to you to promote its daily deal program.


4) Education and Career Opportunities: An Education Advisor may call you regarding furthering your education at an educational institution which offers post-secondary on-line school courses or degree programs.


5) Health Offers: Pacific Benefits Group and Preferred Health Online may call you regarding insurance related products.


6) Home Services: Clean Energy Experts, Rent To Own, and Safe Streets may contact you via phone or email to discuss products and services.